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North Design has been serving up effective design and illustration for over two decades.
We’ve always felt the world needs more good listeners—and that’s exactly what we are. You know your business, just like we know graphic design. So to understand the direction your brand is going, we begin by getting you to talk, explain, outline and dream. Only after we’ve done our homework do we begin the real work of creating uncompromising graphic design and communications for your company.
Your brand success is our point.​​​​​​​
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Nice things said by the nice people we get to work with!
"As a test work and engineering company, when we made the decision to update our marketing material and go outside of our company with the services of a graphic design artist, we were not sure what to expect. After completing the update of our marketing material I can say that working with Ken was a pleasure and that we were very pleased with the final product. Ken listened to us and was patient throughout the process, the new ideas and creativity that he brought were excellent. We will work with Ken again."
- Kelvin Buban, P.Eng., Project Manager, Business Development - Americas, Sherritt Technologies

"I would highly recommend Ken for any significant communication projects in which you need graphic design expertise. Ken has a keen eye for how design can elevate projects and help communicate complex information in an innovative, eye-catching format. From campaign creative and marquee publications, Ken and his team understood what I needed in order to deliver exceptional graphic design and creativity to help my clients communicate their messages effectively. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value"
- Bernie Poitras, APR

"Over sixteen years of being a client of North Design Group, Ken North has very effectively interpreted the mission of the Institute to create inspired, thought-provoking designs." 
- Vickii Willliams, Executive Director, Alberta Gambling Research Institute 

Ken thinks well on his feet, has strong presentation skills and a good sense of humour–which makes it fun to work with him. Some of the projects we have collaborated on over the years have stood the test of time--and would look fresh in today's marketplace. That's a testament to Ken's vision, talent and insistence on being strategically focused on everything he does.”
- Dale Bochon, Senior Writer, Word

"We have been a client of North Design since we started our business sixteen years ago. Ken did our logo design back then and all our office materials since. He does quality work and always delivers our projects on time and on budget. What more do you need to say?" 
- James Tingey, Owner, Hydro-Flo Plumbing and Heating Ltd. 
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